May 20, 2015 Andrej Pulko

An opening of the sample glass house in Moscow

On 21 April 2015 we have officially entered the Russian market and opened our glass sample house near Moscow business center.

Last year we signed an agreement with the company ALK Plus LLC from Moscow for general representation of KAGER houses and top brand VITA NOVA, which represents the wooden – glass houses and embodies light, nature, home and life.



In the village of sample houses we present a model of the house VITA NOVA 209, which is a representative of the family houses VITA NOVA Edition. Its superior design enables an entire glazing on facades and is also reflected in a view of the interior, where a perfection of construction and details comes to full expression. VITA NOVA 209 is a sample glass-house and an informative office for all Russian customers of KAGER houses.

On 06 September 2014 we started with the assembly of the house and today we are inviting you to see its beauty.

At the opening day also joined us Mrs. Andreja Kuzman, First Secretary for Economic Affairs at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Moscow and we were really pleased to show her our sample house and represent her the plans for the future.


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