September 23, 2014 Andrej Pulko

Sample glasshouse VITA NOVA in Moscow

Sample glasshouse VITA NOVA in Moscow

Our company successfully follows its goal by expanding to foreign markets and there so we are opening a sample glasshouse VITA NOVA in the village of the sample houses in Moscow City at the end of this year.

With the company ALK Plus LLC from Moscow, we signed an agreement for general representation of Kager houses and top brand VITA NOVA, which represents the skeleton – glass construction and embodies light, nature, home and life. In the village of sample houses, which is located by business center in Moscow, we will build a sample house VITA NOVA 209, which is a representative of the houses VITA NOVA Edition. Its superior design allows the glazing of the entire facade or and also reflects the view of the interior, where perfection of structure and detail comes to full expression. VITA NOVA 209 is going to be a sample house and at the same time an informative office for all future Russian buyers of Kager houses.


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