Ground floor villa

Architect: Studio B3A

The house in Angera, developed on one floor, is designed to allow plenty of natural light to reach every part of the house.

This is made possible by elements such as the skylight in the kitchen, the clever installation of solar tubes in less bright rooms and the atrium, which is the real focal point of this stylish home. In fact, every room in the living area faces it, such as the kitchen, living room and playroom.

The large windows surrounding the atrium allow a view of the lush olive tree in the center. In this way, we achieved a fluid boundary between inside and outside and enabled nature outside and inside the house. The same effect is repeated on the outside of the building, with many windows overlooking the large courtyard with swimming pool that surrounds the house.

The precise arrangement of the surfaces of the house allowed the division into a large living area and a sleeping area with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as technical works that include a garage, a laundry room, an additional bathroom and a storage room. The furniture and lighting system are carefully selected, creating a warm, pleasant and at the same time refined and elegant environment.